A Question of Justice

For this project, you and your group members will research a subtopic dealing with the theme of Justice. You will explore various points of view regarding your topic and will create informational "webpages" using this wikispace.
One of the components to this project will require you to read and respond to the posts made by your classmates about their topics. To do this, simply go to their page and use the "DISCUSSION" tab to leave your comment or question.

Below are the requirements and deadlines for this project:
-Background: How does your topic represent an issue of Justice?
-Points of View: What are the various points of view regarding your topic? Present both sides.
-Action: What is being done about the injustices presented in your topic? or How is justice trying to by upheld? How could someone get more involved? (activism groups, charities, NGOs)
-Posts or pages about the research topics above (cite your sources)
-Two links to other scholarly websites or article about your topic
-Two links to sites that are helping the causes you've researched
-Each individual group member will read and explore the pages created by your classmates. You will be required to respond thoughtfully to the topics presented on their pages.
-Appropriate ways to respond include giving your opinion on something you read or saw, posing relevant questions for others to respond to, adding extra insight you may have about a topic, or giving constructive feedback to your classmates.

You will be graded on:
-The quality of your research and the information and links you provide
-Participation in the discussion
-Complete and accurate Bibliography
-Visual appeal of your pages (readability, ease of navigating, use of pictures and other visuals)

Your pages need to be up and running by Thursday December 13th
-First discussion posts need to be made by Midnight Friday December 14th
-Final Presentation and Discussion will on the day of the final exam: Thursday December 20th
Same Sex Marriage
Fair Trade
Capital Punishment
Gender Equality
Poverty and Wealth
Children's Rights
Prisoners of Conscience