Final Wiki Project

These should be completed and ready to be viewed by Monday. Please double check your spelling and grammar. Also make sure you have the following parts

  • A thesis
  • Visuals of some sort (Captions aren't mandatory but they helpful)
  • A Bibliography with ALL of your resources
  • Links to relevant and trustworthy sites
  • At least three sources

Welcome to the Middle Eastern Literature Wikispace!

Please be aware that belonging to this wiki comes with certain responsibilities. It is important that your comments be appropriate both for the content and for your audience. Also, as a precaution, please save all of your work to a Word file as well--that way you will have a back up of your work. This will also allow you to spell check before posting, which will save you from making embarsing mstkes like those two.


Each week, after our Socratic Seminar on Friday, you will be responsible for reflecting on the questions that are posted. Your response ME final wikipage.docshould be a thoughtful reflection of something that you learned, something you disagreed with, or something you firmly believe. You will also post a response to two of the reflections left by your classmates. The postings are anonymous because of your login names--let this be an encouragement to you to be honest in your thoughts!
Wiki Posting #1: March 26
Archy Bunker's Neighborhood Discussion
Wiki Posting #4: April 18
Education Discussion
Wiki Posting #2: April 4
Religion Discussion
Wiki Posting #5: April 25
Identity and Culture Discussion
Wiki Posting #3: April 11
Masculine/Feminine Discussion

Still curious about the Wikipage?

Consider checking out Women's Life for an example of interesting visuals. Effects Of War has an interesting organization set-up (though you don't need to do it this way, of course) by going section by section. It also embeds links well. I'm trying to read and provide feedback on each wikipage today. These aren't the only two that have good parts but they provide examples of what I'm hoping for.

Find your Wiki page below:

If you can't find your wiki page below, please send me a message.
How Peer Pressure affects individuals.
Girls Rule, Boys Drool!
How education forms society
Women's Life
Individual Identity
Let Freedom Ring
Mass Media
Religion in Society
Does More Education bring more freedom
Effects Of War
A Woman's Life
Education In Middle Eastern Society

Final Wiki Day

Today's assignment can be found by downloading the following document. You have all class period to complete it. Please try to choose the wikipages you comment on randomly: this won't work well if everyone choose the first few to read and comment on.