Wikispace Final Project

For this project, you will research a topic that deals with the theme of Justice. You will explore various points of view regarding your topic and will create a Wikispace that discuss how this topic is an issue of justice for those involved.
One of the components to this project will require you to read and respond to the pages made by your classmates about their topics. This project will in essence be a dialogue between you and your classmates regarding these topics of Justice that you are researching.
- Capital Punishment
- Refugees
- Children’s Rights
-Prisoners of Conscience
- Fair Trade
- International Criminal Courts
- Child Soldiers

UPDATE: Wikispace needs to be up and running by Thursday (12/11) night 9pm! First 3 discussion posts need to be posted by Friday (12/12) 8pm! At least 8 postings need to be made by Monday 12/15 8pm!! ALL postings due by Wednesday (12/17) 7pm!!

Project components and requirements:


- Background: How does your topic represent an issue of Justice?
- Points of View: What are the various points of view about your topic? Present both sides.
- Action: What is being done about the injustices regarding your topic? or How is justice trying to be upheld? What can someone do to get involved? (activism groups, charities, NGOs)


- Wikispace page about your topic that includes images to supplement your text
- Links to other scholarly websites, articles, statistics, images, or organizations that help to communicate your topic
o Links must be embedded in the text, explain what someone will see when they visit the link, and how it connects to your page


- Each individual will read and explore the pages created by your classmates. You will be required to respond thoughtfully to the topics and sides presented on their pages
o Appropriate ways to respond include respectfully sharing your opinion on what was presented, posing relevant questions for others to respond to, adding extra insight you may have to these topics, and giving constructive feedback to your classmates.

You will be graded on:

- Content- The quality of your research and links, preparation work, and analysis of topic
- Participation- The thoughtfulness and completeness of your responses to classmates’ pages and your responses to comments made on your page
- References- complete and accurate Bibliography
- Visual Appeal/Creativity- The ease of navigating your pages and readability, use of pictures and other visuals, organized layout
This project will be worth 175pts and will serve as part of your final!
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