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Marriage Rights For Homosexuals


  • Marriage- The definition of marriage varies from place to place. It also depends on the time period and the location. The general definition of marriage is a social contract between two individuals that unites them legally.
  • Gay Rights- Civil rights for the GLBT(Gays, lesbians, Bisexuals, Trans-gender) community.
  • Domestic Partnership- a legal relationship between individuals who live together and love each other but are not married

In 1960's, it was considered immoral, wrong, a sin, and personally distasteful for two people to marry if their flesh was of a different color. If we take that into today's ideas and thoughts, the majority would be called racist and looked down upon highly. As Civil Rights progressed and groups continued to spread rapidly and today, most do not think twice about someone's color. However, when the topic of someone's sexuality, not the way they look anymore, but more of who they love, it is now being brought back to be wrong, a sin, immoral, and again, distasteful. So where does this leave us as an "equal" nation? In a non-bias format, look at it as learning from our mistakes in the past.

This shows how both movements are alike in the act of protesting against it. The mistakes we made then, the mistake we're making now.

Landmark in Human Rights

While only 20 countries give benefits to same sex couples, the fact is that the movement for GLBT rights is currently the final frontier in the civil rights movements, such as rights for women, Religious freedom, and race. If we are to remain a progressive nation, a person that we have cherished from the Birth of this Country, then we must allow equal rights for everyone. We have touted the banner of equality, we were one of the first countries to not have state instutied discrimination. If we allow same sex couples to marry, then it will be a landmark in human rights, we will live up to our status as a progressive, free, and equal nation. Maybe we change the world as well and Countries across the Globe might emulate us. Only when we have truely equality, can we earn our title as a world power.

Why can't America llegalize Partnership but other countries are?
Why can't America llegalize Partnership but other countries are?

There are two kinds of marriages in America. Marriage, which is between a man and women, and a partnership which is between homosexuals. To the Swedish government these deffinitions mean the same thing so they are going to change the marriage law. Also, other countries in Europe allow same-sex marriage, why not America?

During the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King gave a speech that not only inspired African Americans, but could of inspired gays also. In March of 1963, Martin Luther King gave the "I Have a Dream" speech, he talked about being equal. Although he never mentioned gay rights, he did say and repeat that everyone should be
equal no matter what. I have a Dream Speech

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There are many causes to people’s options and why they don't accept change. People that don't support same-sex marriage are, because their religion doesn't support it either. During the civil rights movement, people didn't support interracial marriages because of racism. That didn't stop them from them getting married, even if one of them was going to be killed. If you don't support guy marriage, no one is making you marry someone the same sex as you, and it is not your choice who should marry or shouldn't.


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