Truth In Mythology October 22nd 2007
Truth in mythology is not always 100% true, but for the people of the religion and culture, it is the exact truth. No doubt about it, the cultures stories reflect thier life styles and thier culture and thier God's. For example, the Greek and Roman Myths reflected thier culture, beliefs, and values. In Greek mythology it is one hundred percent true that they charrished their families and true love. In Roman myths they value family and tradition and they beleive that thier God's control everything around them. The myth's themselfs are not true, a bird really didn't become bald becuase of a fire he had created on his head, or Zues contols every storm or Posiden controls the ocean and his temper is really bad, but to the Greeks, Romans, and Africans, this is thier way of explaining why the world is how it is. It is true to them, it is what makes sense to them. Truth in mythology may not make any sense to us, or it may just be one big lie, but to the culture of the myth, it is true to them.