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The Thousand and One Nights are a collection of stories that were originally told by a women named Queen Scheherazade. They were later converted into a book and translated in to many languages.

The Thousand and One Nights is also known as “The Arabian Nights” and “Alf Layla Wa Layla”.

One of the original names used to refer to the book was “Hazarafsaneh”.

The stories originated from the three Middle Eastern cultures of India, Persia and Arab.

Each story consists of four main elements:
  • If there is a problem there is always a solution.
  • Endurance always can enable a crisis to reach the resolution.
  • There are always fantastic elements that help the protagonist to maintain their endurance.
  • Wisdom is seen as the most powerful tool, often causing the protagonist to be invincible.

Many people are very familiar with the stories and are not aware. Aladdin and Sinbad are both based off of the Arabian nights.

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